Monday, November 28, 2011

Madalyn: Huntsville, Al Highschool senior portraiture

I am so happy to unveil these images. Seriously... this job had been a total labor of love and I was dying to show the photos to my clients. Long story short, this session got reschedule several times, then we had to do a retake on the second concept of the shoot because of my forgetful brain, and almost a month later the retake took place. So the first images have been sitting in my computer ...dying to be seen.

However, bumps in the road definitely happen for a reason and God just keeps blessing me for no apparent reason other that allowing me to grow in my craft. Yes...God is great to me! The retake...or second session was just so gorgeous. Despite the cold dreary day, I felt so inspired and I believe, that to this day, I produced some of my best work yet. And for that and my patient and understanding client I am grateful. 

The concepts are self explanatory, but just in case here it goes: The Gorgeous Madalyn is a book worm. She loves to read and collects hard cover books. We decided to capture her love for the written word, for books and for literature in the first concept. The second concept is a play on music sheet. It is more subtle, but if you pay some attention to the images there are small details that illustrate Madalyn's love for music.

Cheryl...thank you for your patience with me, and for letting me photograph your beautiful and sweet daughter. I don't know how you are going to pick your favorite images, I had such a hard time. To see full gallery go here.

Images are copyright of Maria Moore Photography. DO NOT COPY!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holmes Family. Huntsville, Al family portraiture

What a pleasure to get an afternoon full of pink, blond curls and little girl's giggles. There is nothing better than a home full of little princesses! Well, I got one of those afternoons a week ago and got to meet a very special family up on the mountain for some photo time!

I just love the images from this day. As I was processing then, I couldn't stop smiling and giggling at these little girls 100 expressions and cute little faces. It's amazing how you can see each one's unique personality as you look over the photos.

Laura and Jason, I hope you love your images! Thank you for trusting me with your family's memories this holiday season. For full gallery go here.