Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Haley gets her first pics: Huntsville, AL teen photographer

Back in the spring I did a little game to find a model for my business. I just wanted someone that will let me create exactly what I envisioned. That way I would have a set of incredible images that I could show to my prospective clients and illustrate the different styles of shoots that we can do: Vintage style, romantic, equestrian, hip urban...etc. 

Miss Haley won the contest, and just a couple of weeks ago we had her first two shoots. We started with "vintage/shabby"...and then had a "romantic" style session. 

Here I show you my favorite images from the second session. This images illustrate what I consider "romantic" style photography. The messy yet perfect hair, the smoky eye, the pretty feminine details on the hair, the style of dress. All details that make this images have a romantic/dramatic feel to them. Off course the gorgeous model makes them extra special...and the amazing help that the sun gave us adds to the drama and magic feel of the photos. 

Thank you Haley for been such a fun girl to work with. I can't wait to have our next session...Hope you love the pictures!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

one hazy afternoon: one gorgeous family: Huntsville, AL family photography

Gorgeous; that's the one word that keeps coming to mind as I browse through this photos. They are all so great it was a real challenge to pick my favorites to show you here. The kids are absolutely adorable, the mom so pretty and the light perfect! One of the most favorites sessions to the day. 

I met Sharon when I did the photos for the Care Center back in the winter, and since then we have been talking about doing a session for her and her two children. I was so excited when it actually happened and more so because I think I accomplished what I was looking for: to give her images of her family that show the connection they have to each other and the love they share. 

Sharon I hope you love your pictures. You have a beautiful family and it was a pleasure to work with you all. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer. For full gallery go here

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