Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Egg hunt special mini sesions!

Indicate your interest in Photos on your Evite RSVP.

April 23, 2:00 pm, Arbor Woods playground. Hampton Cove.

Sessions will be in increments of 15 min beginning at 2 pm.  There is no limit on how many family members can be in the session.
We will have Easter baskets, flowers and other props for use. There's a possibility of a live bunny, but I am waiting on responses from the poll on your Evite to decide.

I am offering 3 packages:

Package 1: $35
includes sitting fee and editing of 10 pictures to choose from (15 minutes with the family)
1 5x7
1 8x10
CD with selected images

Package 2: $50
includes sitting fee and editing of 10 pictures to choose from (15 minutes with the family)
2 5x7
1 8x10
8 wallets
CD with selected images

Package 3: $60
includes sitting fee and editing of 10 pictures to choose from (15 minutes with the family)
4 5X7
2 8x10
8 wallets
CD with selected images

Fees are due upon session. After the session you will be presented with the best 10 pictures from your session, and you will pick your favorite ones for printing. You can have different images in each print (It's not the same image at different sizes). Extra prints can be purchased at a 10% discount!

Indicate your interest in Photos on your Evite RSVP.

Feel free to browse around the blog and get familiarized with my work.  

For more information email me at or call at 617-8389281. 

*This is a private event. 

My little Page contest results!

Good Morning new and old faithful friends! I am beyond myself of excitement to have 110 new fans on my Page.     


When I decided to have this contest, and I got to admit it just came to me sometime Friday, I never thought it would be so fun! I want to thank you'all who played, and those who just came and became fans quietly as well. There will be many exciting new things coming up in the next months and I think you will enjoy to be part of our Fan Page.

Now to the results; like I said earlier, since this idea just occurred to me, the details of the actual drawing of the winner were quite rudimentary. I wrote the name of the player, every time he was mentioned in my page, on a paper. Then cut out each name in small ticket, through tickets in a jar...well more like a pitcher since couldn't find a jar. Then I shook it and blindly picked two names. I promise next time I will have a better system.

I am so grateful for your participation, that I decided to pick two winners, the first one will win the free session and the second one a free 8x10 from a previous or future session. Also, I will offer everyone who played a 10% off the Basic Package for a future booking. This booking needs to happen before May 30th to be able to use 10% off discount.

So now...the winners:

CONGRATULATIONS Kathy Ludwig for your free session, and La Raine for the free 8x10...please contact me for further details. Thank you again for everyone who played...especially Shannon, Angela, Missy and Veronica...I wish I could give you'all a free session. Hope the 10% off will be appealing. 

To contact me email: or call at 6178389281

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Mister Benjamin...

I have a new friend name Jennifer, who came to us from Chattanooga, TN a couple of months ago. I met her at my bible class, and as we became acquainted we discovered our common interest in photography. 

Last week we met and took some shots together. I was supposed to help her improve her photography skills and give her some pointers, yet I think I mostly took pictures of her most handsome, best blue eyes ever seen, baby boy Ben.

This was not a real photo shoot, yet a lifestyle photography session, were I had the pleasure of getting to know Jen better and capture some awesome images. life is good :)

Jen I hope you like your photos...I am so excited to share them with you!

*be nice and do not COPY, or PRINT this images!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Williams Family

I had the pleasure to meet the Williams family soon after we moved down here to AL. The mom, La Raine, is one of the leaders of my church group. Not long after that I learned about their incredible mission work all throughout the world. Because you know, this family has dedicated their life to spreading the word and love of Christ to all who they can reach. They have lived in far away places and continue to follow their calling...probably soon enough they will be parting this town and making amazing things happen for all that are lucky to meet them in their path. 

It's just not every day you meet people like this, that follow their faith and their calling against all odds and making huge sacrifices in the name of God. May the Lord bless them in their journey and for me...well...I am lucky to call them friends and to have the honor of taking their family portraits.

La Raine...thank you for all the love you have shown me, and I hope you love your photos.

* This photos are property of MariaMoorePhotography, please be nice and do not copy or print the images.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zavada family...welcoming a new member!

This Momma is my small group leader at church and has become a dear friend of mine...She is not just beautiful in appearance, but gorgeous inside and bursting of God's grace...

I had the pleasure of watching her belly grow this past months and was so excited to have the honor to meet and photograph the newest member of her family at just days old. Here are some of my favorite captures of her family and little baby Wyatt.

Thank You Pam for allowing me to interrupt your family's special time and capture some glimpse of your life...and welcome Little baby Zavada!

We took family portraits are my most favorites;

And here are some pictures of the little peanut by his heart shaped mouth!

*Please be nice and do not copy, print or save this photos from the blog.