Monday, October 31, 2011

Goss family: Huntsville, Al family photographer

I've known this family for quite some time; If I an remembering correctly we met last year at very fun Halloween party.

Through the year I had the pleasure of getting to know Sharon and Tra a little better, and was so excited when they booked one of my mini sessions.

This adorable family of four came to my Farm minis last weekend (I guess two weekends is flying) and we had a very fun time getting some cute family images and bribing the kiddos with tons of candy...[yep, its my brand new weapon].

The candy worked and we got tons of smiles and cute expressions. This are a few of my most favorite images from their mini session.

Goss's I hope you love your family photos, and that you feel they capture some of your kids personality and family interaction. Thank you for allowing me to preserve your family's memories. For full gallery go here.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Tate's: Huntsville, Al family photography

The Tate family came to my "day at the farm mini sessions" last weekend.  We had the most awesome warm weather, and the farm was just magical. There were cows watching us shoot and slowly kept approaching us which was pretty funny and a little frightening to Holly (my assistant: lol!!!!!).

Little Connor kept me, and mom and dad very busy as he was so much more interested in the cows and exploring the farm, than in participating in picture taking activities...but we manage to get some pretty great family photos...and you got admit that this little dude is pretty cute (more so in the cowboy hat).

Aynsley I hope you love your family photos...and thank you for allowing me to preserve your family memories. For full gallery go here

 Images are Copyright of Maria Moore Photography. DO NOT COPY!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jeremy: more than a superhero. Huntsville Al Highschool senior portraiture

I love seniors. Love photographing them. Love their energy.

I send them a questionnaire asking about their likes and dislikes, dreams and passions, to get a small understanding of who they are and what they would like for their senior session to be. I always get long responses and full paragraphs; but not with Jeremy.

This bright young man's responses were more that brief...monosyllables. At first I though he wasn't into it, however as I read through his brief sentences I knew this was no ordinary teenager, and that it was going to be very fun session. Because you see; I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up and he said; "a superhero."

...Well Jeremy, I am sure you will be!

Kim, I hope you love your boy's images. I think they capture his essence and his gorgeous energy. These are some of my favorites, but to be honest; I love them all. For full gallery go here.

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