Thursday, June 28, 2012

A beautiful family full of beautiful women (and some hansome men too!): Huntsville, AL family photography

So where to start with this family session...Mrs Phyllis Frady has become one of my most favorite people in this town, she is just wonderful and has a way with words that makes you feel wonderful too! Every time I get the chance to see her, it brightens my day a little bit...and her sweet daughter Abby is one of my 2013 Senior Models which makes my heart happy not just because she is perfect senior model, but because it has given me the opportunity to hang with Phyllis a bit more..

A while back she booked a family session, for her whole family...sisters, mother and all the cousins, and we had it this last weekend. It was hot, but they manage to still look gorgeous in their perfect matching clothing. We talked about wardrobe a bit, but I really left it to them to choose their color pallet, and let me tell you; I might hire them to style my own family session! The colors were great and the day perfect and each and every one of the images absolutely wonderful.

I just love when my client understand the importance of family history and of preserving the moments in time...and the story of their family's in a beautiful way. What a treasure to have!!! Everyone should have one of this sessions. 

And why did I named this blog post the way I did...judge for yourself; Even grandma is a knock out! What a gorgeous bunch of people!!!

Everyone, I hope you love your family images. Thank you for sharing this super special day with me!! For full gallery go here

Here my most favorite images of the night...

IMAGES are copyright of Maria Moore Photography. DO NOT COPY! thank you

Monday, June 25, 2012

Connor turns two: Huntsville, Al child photographer

I met the Tate family downtown last Friday for little guy's second birthday. Their little boy Connor  is one of the cutest boys I ever seen! He looks like a Lladro porcelain figurine and he was wearing the cutest little outfit.

It had been a while since I photographed a toddler, and I had forgotten how fast we have to move to catch some shoots. Seriously, this busy, fast moving little boy kept me on my toes as I tried to chase him around downtown. I didn't get many smiles, but definitely some awesome stares worth a million bucks and the best slimy kiss from his canine best friend! He did great...and I love the images we captured.

Here I share with you my favorites.

Aysley, I hope you love your photos, and thank you for allowing me to capture your hansom prince second birthday milestone! for full gallery go here.

Images are copyright of Maria Moore Photography. Do not download, copy or print. thank you

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chelsie: Huntsville, Al senior photographer

It's so good to be back at work after vacation...I have to admit it took me a couple of minutes to warm up to my first session after such a long break!

I love photographing seniors, and Chelsie was no exception. We worked on two concepts based on her love for archery and the color blue. When she told me about her hobby, I was so excited....I had been dying to shoot something like that for a while. It was so fun to get a bit outside of my normal style and shoot for something more creative and artistic. I wish all my clients had such interesting and cool hobbies.

I confess I haven't watch the "hunger games"...I know...I should've had...But I didn't, so the close proximity of these images to that movie it just a happy accident!...and I am glad that such a thing is "cool" these days.

So here are my favorite images of Chelsie's session...I just loved her personality and spirit!

Chelsie, I hope you love your Senior portraits, and that they are everything you were wishing for. Thank you for choosing me to capture this awesome time in your life!
 For full gallery of images go here.