Monday, November 11, 2013

Jake Turner; Hunstville Al award winning High School senior photographer

I am having so much fun photographing senior boys. It feels like the last month I've capture more boys than girls, and I love it because its a change of pace from my pretty girls more elaborate sessions. With boys we move fast, get through more outfits and locations! And that was no exception with Jake...we started downtown with a traditional elegant setting, and moved to my neck of the woods to photograph this handsome boy with his awesome ride. Jake and his dad have worked for a long time on this beautiful car...and it's so cool to incorporate something so meaningful into his senior images.
We ended the session with some casual country look.

I am very happy with his senior images and I hope he loved then as much as I do!

For full gallery of images go here.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Emily Ann Clemons; Huntsville, Al award winning senior photographer

Miss Emily Ann is one of those people that you love at the first second you meet them. Her charm and fun personality is contagious and it just makes you want to hang out around her...what a lucky girl!

 I just had so much fun running around town photographing her and discovering unexpected "sassiness" and the most amazing natural beauty that shines from the inside out! A brilliant smile, deep green expressive eyes....just a pleasure to capture! I just hope that my images reflect how amazingly beautiful and sweet this girl really is!

We started downtown and then ended up in my neck of the woods in some sweet locations. We got so much variety in outfits and locations...which made it so hard to choose just a few favorites! from ciry streets to deep purple sunsets...we got it all!

Gorgeous makeup by Nancy Finnegan MUA.

For full gallery of images go here.

Thank you Emily Ann for trusting me with your senior photos...I just loved getting to know you!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mekenzi Esensoy; Huntsville, Al award winning senior photographer

Mekenzi is one of the most precious girls I know.  She is one of my 2014 senior models and the sister of my most favorite senior model ever! I just have come to love their family and was so thrilled to have Mekenzi with us this year. 

Mekenzi is a beautiful mixture of all things delicate, shy, mysterious, courageous and sweet. I think her eyes speak volumes and her delicate little body exhumes poise and strength in a perfect balance.

We went for a "fairy" inspired shoot and finishes with a "pow" with some edgy shots that suit her super model looks!

I came across this little poem and found it perfect to open the blog!

Deep inside the woods, at night,
Appeared a fairy, bathed in light,
Her grace was magical to see,
As she tiptoed there, beneath the tree,
Just that one night,
I witnessed the sight,
Of a woodland fairy bathed in light.