Monday, October 1, 2012

Jessie S, Huntsville, Al Senior Photography

Oh Jessie...I enjoyed working with you so much!!! You are such a beautiful and sweet girl...and Saturday was such a crazy day that ending it with you was a bliss.

So let me tell you about my day Saturday: Crazy morning house hunting, ballet rehearsal for my oldest, house chores and at 3pm I get a text from my assistant that feels sick and its heading to the ER.  Call all of my other assistants and they have homecoming and other previous engagements. Freaking out already here...for I am one spoiled photographer that can't work without at least one person assisting. Put an SOS message on FB and head to location already trying to figure out how I was going to carry a camera bag full of long lenses, and Alien B and battery pack, a scrim and a step stool all though downtown on my own [yes...I cried a little too]. Loading things off and setting up...and I get a call from a sweet friend that is on her way to help me. YES...God is amazing and he never abandons us. Miss Leah came to my rescue and we had such a fun time. Leah...girl...I am so grateful for your help. I owe you big time.

 Ok... back to the images. Jessie I love every single shot I got of you. I hope you love them too!! For full gallery go here

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