Thursday, August 18, 2011

Titi's belly dance

My mom has a big family...I have 5 aunts and uncles. The youngest one, Cristina, is almost my age. Growing up we were like sisters since we lived with my grandparents for many years after my parents divorced. 

In the last years she has discovered a new passion: belly dancing. It was weird to me when she first started to belly dance, since she never was interested in dancing growing up.  However, this last June I saw her in action and was quite impressed. She is not just good, but she loves it so much it radiates excitement and happiness when she is performing. It makes me so happy to see her reinventing herself at our age and discovering a new strength. She just loves it and her eyes sparkle when she talks about it. 

My brother and I had a photo shoot with her that showcased this new talent. It was so fun to work with my brother and to experiment with a type of photography I had never done. I think the images came out great and I am quite proud of them. For full gallery go here.

Here are my favorites:

Titi, I hope you love your photos. I think you looks gorgeous!...enjoy


  1. These pictures are amazing! Love the color and the B&W of her face- so pretty!

  2. Hey Cris es Bryan las fotos están demasiado profesionales, la luz el movimiento todo. El maquillaje esta tambien muy bien trabajado. felicidades que buen brete.

  3. Wow! Mis respetos a los fotógrafos. hicieron un super trabajo, me encantan los efectos de la luz, los colres, contrastes y las sombras.
    A la modela toda mi admiración por todo lo que has logrado. estás Bella!!!