Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ariana Lopez; Huntsville, Madison, Al Award winnning Senior Photographer

Miss Ariana is a riot! She was so cool from the very first phone call, and through texts and more texts we communicated constantly about her shoot and changed concepts several times until we came to the one we wanted! When the day of the shoot came, I felt like I had already met her several times and we where old friends...

We had a Fun Marina session and created some super gorgeous images of Ariana looking like a  covergirl.  For a second concept we met at a greenery...However, we had some little problem with this one location, so we had to re shoot (location closed as we where walking in...Oops...maybe next time I should check the store hours). I was exited to meet her for a second day and finish up her second part of her session.

I just really love her images and how different both concepts are. Capturing a sassy side of her as well as a fresh and fun young look!!

Ariana...I had so much fun hanging out with you. I hope you love your images!! For full gallery go here!

Images are copyright of Maria Moore Photography. Do not copy, screen shot, download or alter in any way. Thank you.

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